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On Beyond the Book

Books & Catalogs, CAM Publication

9 x 12 inch, 12 page, paperback exhibition catalog. 30 black and white illustrations.

Essay written by Mel Watkin.

On Beyond the Book

November 10 - December 30, 1995

An Exhibition of Contemporary Artists’ Books “…If you innocently venture the question: “What is an artists’ book?”, step back, the explosion might blow you out onto the sidewalk. Asking the question is like walking into a conference of art theorists and saying, “Yes, but is it art?” I will discuss definition, but first a disclaimer. This exhibition does not attempt to define contemporary artists’ books or to produce an historical survey. Rather, I wish to show the incredible breadth of the field. I am interested in artists who explode the techniques of traditional publishing and meld their ideas with installation art, painting, sculpture, film, video, literature, computers, science, history, popular culture, music,…and beyond….” - Taken from an essay by Mel Watkin, curator


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