Shop a clever assortment of items highlighting contemporary art, architecture, and design.

Browse all of CAM’s exhibition catalogs—including the brand-new publications Leslie Hewitt: Sudden Glare of the Sun, Lari Pittman: A Decorated Chronology, and Place is the Space—and enjoy a rotating collection of jewelry, stationery and notebooks, toys, and clothing.

Featuring t-shirts and canvas mail bags printed with exhibiting artist Joyce Pensato’s darkly humorous cartoon images, the gifts in the CAM shop highlight this season’s exhibitions as well as the tenth anniversary of the Museum building.

Don’t miss concrete kitchenware by Culiniarium, specially designed ten-year logo notebooks, and beautiful geometric jewelry from Maple and Mauve, Hook and Matter, and Tia Keobounpheng.

CAM shop merchandise is only available at the Museum. Catalogs, artist books, publications, and artist editions are available for purchase at





Special thanks to Arcturis and Firecracker Marketworks.